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The LIS industry have matured substantially over the past few decades, providing greater operational efficiency and improving patient safety but even the most advanced LIS does not fully meet the needs of every laboratory. This is because LIS vendors build their software to meet the needs common to the majority of the labs in their current or intended client base rather than to meet the needs of a particular lab and every lab has some unique needs due to their size, their local environment, people, and the clinical focus of their clients. Thus, a needed functionality is lacking, either because it does not exist at all in the LIS, or because it exists in a way that does not mesh well with the workflow in the lab.

When the LIS functionality falls short of an identified need, labs have a choice:

  1. adapt to what they have, perhaps adjusting their workflow to accommodate

  2. contract with the LIS vendor to add the needed functionality to their LIS, or to modify it to meet their workflow needs

  3. purchase third-party software which meets the need, this solutions may be very expensive and require integrations

  4. develop their own custom software in-house, this solution is expensive and challenging

  5. purchase a new LIS. Purchasing a new LIS is a huge undertaking and outside of the scope of this discussion


In fact, most labs choose to go with option 1. There can be many ways to accomplish a task in the lab, and labs can adapt to what their LIS is able to do. If the need is great and funds can be identified, option 2 may be chosen if the LIS vendor offers the options to add custom features. Having your LIS vendor develop integrated customizations assures compatibility with the rest of the LIS.


We can develop custom tailored features and integrations to accommodate the specific needs of every laboratory increasing productivity and reducing turnaround times.

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