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OCL LIS products have made laboratory automation simple, versatile and highly efficient while keeping prices down, we will beat our competitor's prices by 20% or apply our prices, whichever is lower.

LIS Main Module

Our LIS main module offers a full LIS system powerful and rich in features to highly automate the daily operations of any laboratory.

Pathology Module

This module offers a lot of features to make pathology reporting extremely simple, versatile and user friendly while complying with standards.

Web Portal for Payments

Allow your clients and patient to their bills online with a very simple and user friendly web portal. Our web portal can integrate with other systems.

Microbiology Module

This module has been specially designed specially for microbiology results and accommodate the billing specifics.

Billing Module

This module will provide solutions to all the billing needs of the lab eliminating the need to outsource and reducing high cost associated to billing.

Advanced Dispatch System
          (Coming Soon)

Coming soon a new product that works seamlessly with all products to mage the workforce on the field phlebotomists, couriers, customer service....

Toxicology Module

This module has been programmed according to toxicology standards and specifics provided by specialists in the field.

Web Portal Order and Results

Provide your clients with solutions to collaborate with the lab operations, results, orders, standing orders. Just to mention a few.

Custom Programming

Do you have a special need that no LIS offers? Tell us about and let us program it for you. Bring your ideas to reality, we will be very happy to work with you.

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