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A Bit About Us

OCL  LIS is a Windows client server system that combines unmatched ease of use with the versatility, power and high-speed volume required to meet the most demanding laboratory needs.


Designed by industry experts, OCL LIS is structured to make generating and distributing lab results as easy and effective as possible. Our system can upload lab activity to electronic medical records, billing, health information systems and/or practice management systems.


OCL LIS is dedicated to providing enhanced laboratory technology solutions that speed communications, streamline operations and improve customer service. As part of this ongoing commitment, the company introduces also a web-based software package that is designed to do exactly that. Check patient results, order lab tests, access patient demographics, schedule patients' labs, manage standing orders, review results, transmit results via fax or email and much more - all via a secure Internet connection. Featuring multi level security components, OCL LIS calls up data directly from the laboratory information system (LIS) for viewing, printing & processing.


OCL LIS offers an impressive range of features that are typically found only on complex network LIS packages bringing versatility and efficiency to small laboratory operations. The system has been recognized for its incomparable ease-of-use and reliability.


Rules to automate several processes are able to assist with every step of the testing process. The comprehensive rules we have created allow users to create rules in order to streamline workflow, eliminate errors, and assist in decision making throughout the testing process. Rules are based on "if…then" criteria and can range from simple checks for required data to highly complex scenarios.


With OCL LIS, you can effectively automate a small lab without incurring unnecessary costs. We will provide you with a system that is fully adaptable to your current workflows and will meet your staff’s specific needs. Our LIS is highly customizable and scalable.


Low cost solution that will  beat all our competitors prices and capabilities, financing is also available through OCL LIS, no credit check needed. Not ready to buy, no problem get a per user license option with no commitment to buy or sign a long term contracts.

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